How Do I Become An It Girl?

You have to transcend all boundaries that are keeping you from your true essence and the best version of you. If you have no idea how to do this and need assistance I have dedicated many guides to help you overcome these boundaries. These guides will help you find your style, reach your body goals, and all things self improvement. It girls aren't born, they're created. So if you are ready to create your version of an It Girl, HERE is the best place to start! 

I'm Ready To Start My Journey

Why Did You Create The It Girl Element?

I created the it girl element because I struggled with body image, self  acceptance, self confidence and self love from the moment I could remember. Which is something I know a lot of you can relate to.  For the majority of my life I've been oblivious to my lack of self development and self love which became more of an issue as I matured. Unfortunately I gave up on my dreams, opportunities and my desired lifestyle all because of my insecurities. One day I realized I could no longer live this way! Enough is enough! So I ignited my dark feminine energy and got to work. I learned more about fitness, nutrition, self development tips, and how to properly dress for my body shape. Instead of wishing I looked like the girls on social media I became the BEST version of me! I shared parts of my story and tips with my audience on Tiktok then later decided to perfect these tips and become certified in exercise and nutrition (I’m a certified ISSA Glute Specialist but I'm still working on my personal training and nutrition certifications). All in the name of helping other women to become their own it girl and transcend their own self limiting beliefs